Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Associate in Applied Science

School: Business and Professional Studies

Dean: George Repic, 

Program Director: Chris Spezial,

Support Staff: Jeremy Cordock

Main Campus Location: Academic II, Room 2314, Phone: 845-574-4731

Nyack Location: RCC Culinary Arts Center, 70 Main Street, 845-875-7572

Degrees Offered:

Program Description:

The A.A.S. in Hospitality and Culinary Arts program prepares students for direct employment in the hospitality and culinary arts industry. From cooking to baking to hospitality, the program will help those who love providing nourishment and comfort to others and gain the skills that can help them do so in a professional setting.

Student receive real-world opportunity to master their skills through small class sizes, a dedicated award-winning faculty who have years of real-world experience, internships and the many industry leader partnerships providing hands-on skills pertaining to food, drink, and service styles that are an integral part of the industry. Graduating from this program will allow graduates to be the future next great chef or hospitality leader in today's creative world of the food industry.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Illustrate a variety of practical skills required for the hospitality industry
  • Apply research skills needed in the hospitality industry
  • Apply management skills needed for the hospitality industry
  • Apply knowledge and decision making skills associated with problem solving, creative and critical thinking within the field of hospitality
  • Demonstrate effective leadership and team work skills required for a career in the hospitality industry