Communication/Speech Studies

Associate of Arts

School: Arts, Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Dean: Fred Herbst,

Program Director En-Shu Robin Liao,

Support Staff: Virginia Flatley,

Location: Academic II, Room 2230A, Phone: 845-574-4326

Degrees Offered:

Program Description:

Employers rank strong communication skills as the most important quality they seek in job applicants. Whether creating content for a social media or public relations campaign, interviewing for a job, persuading community leaders on a local political issue, or giving a toast at a wedding, this program will provide the skills not only to become an effective communicator but also to critically analyze and interpret messages.

Students will learn about verbal and non-verbal communication in both in-person and mediated settings, such as interpersonal, group and public speaking situations, social media and workplace communication contexts. Students will apply the principles of persuasion and concepts related to communication across diverse racial, cultural and other identity groups in these various settings. Communication/Speech Studies prepares students to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year college with the critical skills needed for success.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Construct effective messages appropriate to the audience, purpose and context
  • Deliver effective messages appropriate to the audience, purpose, and context
  • Explain the role that communication plays in relationship to culture and identity
  • Apply key communication theories, perspectives, principles and concepts
  • Identify the role of verbal and non-verbal language in communication