Legal Studies

Associate of Science


School: Business and Professional Studies

Dean:;George Repic,

Program Director: Patricia Szobonya,

Support Staff: Jeremy Cordock

Location: Academic II, Room 2314, Phone: 845-574-4731

Degrees Offered:

Program Description:

The program, which is approved by the American Bar Association, provides a dynamic and academically challenging course of study. Students will develop a critical understanding of the law in preparation for a career in the legal profession.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate up-to-date skills in law office technology, including using practice specific applications, electronic filing, and appropriate word-processing software
  • Apply principles of computerized and manual legal researching, and master the skills of legal writing
  • Apply strong written and oral communication skills
  • Produce various legal documents, such as motions, discovery papers, pleadings, forms as well as practice specific documents such as real estate contracts, wills, among others
  • Identify and use the principles of legal ethics and professional responsibility
  • Demonstrate knowledge of their profession, with insight as to the ever-changing role of the paralegal, licensing and certification issues, employment trends and options, paralegal networking organizations and professional development
  • Apply substantive knowledge of the law and analysis in the following areas: the court systems, jurisdiction, civil and criminal procedure, contracts, torts, wills and estates, real estate, family and matrimonial law
  • Employ effective people skills to promote positive client relationships, conduct client and witness interviews, and network within the paralegal community