Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Associate in Applied Science

School: Business and Professional Studies

Dean: George Repic, 

Program Director: Chris Spezial,

Support Staff: Jeremy Cordock

Main Campus Location: Academic II, Room 2314, Phone: 845-574-4731

Nyack Location: RCC Culinary Arts Center, 70 Main Street, 845-875-7572


Degrees Offered:

Program Description:

The degree program prepares students for direct employment in the hospitality and culinary arts industry.  From cooking to baking to hospitality, the program will prepare students for a career providing nourishment and comfort to others. Students receive the real-world ready opportunity to master their skills through small class instruction with dedicated faculty with industry experience. Internship opportunities with many local partners provide hand-on skills in the food, drink and service industry. 

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Illustrate a variety of practical skills required for the hospitality industry
  • Apply research skills needed in the hospitality industry
  • Apply management skills needed for the hospitality industry
  • Apply knowledge and decision making skills associated with problem solving, creative and critical thinking within the field of hospitality
  • Demonstrate effective leadership and team work skills required for a career in the hospitality industry