Faculty Handbook

XII. Frequently Asked Questions

What time are classrooms open in the morning?

6:30 a.m.

Are there workspaces available for adjuncts on campus?

We have opened up an additional faculty workspace in Muirhead 113. The office is a shared space, and will be open during regular operating hours for the Muirhead building (typically 8:30am-5pm). This space is more conducive for preparation and student meetings, but the Campus Center workspace in the copier room adjacent to the lobby is still available during the day and after 5pm for computer use, office supplies, and copying. Additional copy machines are available for use in Rochester University Alumni Center (RUAC) and the Rochester University Ham Library.

Do adjuncts need keys for the RU classrooms and/or buildings since their classes are typically after hours? If so, who do they see about that?

No, we have a security guard on campus after hours who locks all of the buildings once everyone leaves. All of the buildings and classrooms remain open until 10pm.

Do adjuncts need to get a parking pass and ID at RU?

Yes, they need to contact the Center for Student Life: 248.218.2207 or studentlife@rochesteru.edu.

When should I expect my contract?

Contracts should be sent out by the Human Resources Department 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. If you have not received your contract, reach out to Ginny May.

How do I read the section number for my course?

Please see link to Section Number Key under additional resources.

Hw quickly should I return students’ work?

For 16-week classes, it is recommended that work be returned to students within 1-2 weeks of its submission deadline. For 8-week classes, it is recommended that work be returned to students within 4-7 days of its submission deadline.

What campus events can I participate in?

Adjuncts and faculty are welcome to attend commencement, convocation, faculty senate meetings, and chapel. Commencement is once a year at the end of the spring semester and Academic Convocation is at the beginning of the fall semester. Both of these events require those walking to wear regalia. Faculty senate meetings are on the third Friday of each month. Adjuncts are able to attend, but cannot vote. Chapel meetings are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11:20-11:50 am in the RUAC.

How do I submit a grade change request for a student after grades have been submitted?

Log into the faculty portal and go to where you submit final grades. Next to each student, you will see a button that says Change Request. You will click that link next to the student you are changing the grade for and will enter the new grade and why the change is being made.

What is the Wi-Fi password?

The password for RochesterWireless is RUCommunity23. You can also find this password in the RU App.

What do I do if a student wants to appeal their grade in my class?

The academic appeals process can be found in the RU catalog under Academic Appeals.

How do I request to change my classroom or book an event space on campus?

To request a permanent classroom change, please email registrar@rochesteru.edu. If you are looking to use a space for an event on campus or just to change your classroom for the day, please contact Rachel Arbaugh (rarbaugh1@rochesteru.edu). 

What do I do if I experience an issue with my RU email?

Please contact the Information and Technology team at HelpDesk@rochesteru.edu

How do I direct students to the library or tutoring center?

The Ennis and Nancy Ham Library is located on the second floor of the Richardson Academic Center, and can be reached at librarystaff@rochesteru.edu. The tutoring center, known as the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Lab, is located in the Campus Center at the base of the stairs, and can be reached at acelab@rochesteru.edu. 

Are there resources for students in need?

The Center for Students Life offers resources for students in need. A student emergency fund is available.

How do I activate my Grammarly account?

You should have received an email from online@rochesteru.edu notifying you of your eligibility for the university’s Grammarly subscription.  Please follow the instructions provided in order to activate your account, or contact the online resources team at the email above for further information.