Study at Another Institution

After matriculating at the University as a degree-seeking student, a student must obtain prior written approval to transfer any additional credits from other institutions. The “Request to Study at Another Institution” form is available online at the Registrar's Office web page and must be approved before enrolling for credit elsewhere. Transfer work approved on this request will be accepted and applied toward the degree indicated if the grade earned is a “B” or higher. It will be the student’s responsibility to furnish the Registrar’s Office with an official transcript reflecting completion of the course work.

Students who study at institutions outside of the United States must also provide official university transcripts translated into English. These records must include grades and/or scores received. A course-by-course/detailed course foreign credential evaluation and course descriptions in English are required for all non-US transcripts to determine transfer credit eligibility. A list of evaluation agencies is available from the International Admissions Office.

All institutional policies will be observed when considering all requests to study at another institution. Acceptance of credits approved through study at another institution will not decrease the hours required through institutional policies.

Transfer credit may not be awarded if the student enrolls in classes at another institution without first gaining approval to transfer those hours back to UIW.