2023-2024 Rockland Community College Online Catalog

2023-2024 College Catalog

Welcome to our interactive online Catalog. This comprehensive and powerful resource will help you find detailed information on the academic programs and hundreds of courses offered at RCC. Providing Catalog information in this digital format makes the publication more useful and timely. The Catalog, which was previously published in print every two years will now be updated every Fall.

The College Catalog or the College Website - Where to Look for Information

Both College Catalog and the College website contain information on a variety of subjects. In general, the best place to start your search for information will be RCC's website at sunyrockland.edu. Where appropriate, certain requests will link you into and out of the digital Catalog. Use the links and Search feature found at the left of the page to navigate through the Catalog. The navigation bar at the top of the page can be used to return to the RCC website.

Archived Catalog Editions

The Catalog is archived each year, so you are able to access previous editions. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the edition you want to review. This feature is particularly useful for reviewing progress you have made toward your degree.

When you need to access the list of graduation requirements for your particular degree, the Catalog is the place to go. Because students' program requirements are locked in based on the year you enroll in a program, it is important to return to the correct Catalog edition when reviewing your progress. New editions of the Catalog will be published at the start of each Fall semester, and the existing edition will be added to the archives. Program requirements do change, so be sure to select the edition appropriate for you when you look back.

For questions about the content of the online Catalog, please contact Academic Affairs at 845-574-4780. This online Catalog is updated on a regular basis and pertains to credit offerings only. Please note that some classes may not be offered every semester.